Techno Source Illuminated Phase 10 To…

Updated at 12/8/2014 22:06:57 - Details

Bored Traveler from St Louis I was a bit disappointed with everything from the stylus not really working very well (you often have to tap things 3 or 4 times before the letters do what they are supposed to) to the fact that many words do not register even though they are not obscure words. I needed this for a diversion for 22 hours of traveling from St Louis to Okinawa, and I will get some use out of it, but it is not the quality that I would have hoped for.

makes you smarter! this product is an awesome learning tool- even if you think you are smart! the learning never ends! do a few games before bed time and you sleep like a baby!


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Techno Source Illuminated Phase 10 To…

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